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Whereabouts — NMSA 9th Grade Visual Artists Exhibition

New Mexico School for the Arts (NMSA) Visual Art’s Department is thrilled to announce this year’s annual 9th grade exhibition, “Whereabouts,” a collaboration with guest artist and recent Santa Fe Art Institute – Water Rights 2017 Resident, Joerael Elliott. This year marks the first of future partnerships connecting SFAI’s artists in residence with students in NMSA’s Visual Arts Department.

“Whereabouts” investigates individual and group identity through the visual exploration of written language. In drawing, students have begun a process of distillation to develop a personal insignia that will then transform into a sculptural expression, which both engages imagined space and self-representation via 3D Visual Fundamentals. The culminating exhibition at SFAI’s Gallery on Thursday, March 15th, 5-7 pm will interweave these two bodies of work in an improvisational installation on view for one night only.

Joerael Elliot has developed a visual and conceptual vocabulary from his direct experience as a yoga practitioner/teacher, activist, traveler, graffiti writer, street artist and as a Texan. Elliott’s intentions as a narrative artist and a teacher of Yoga is to create non-reductive works that cultivate a contemplative space of liberty through living symbolism and the creative unconscious. His work can be seen on his website,