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Tilt Podcast / Episode 5

Unsettled Series

In Santa Fe, as in many cities, the most public versions of history are made visible in monuments that reinforce conquest and colonization. Those, it seems, are the only stories worth knowing and celebrating. But whose voices are being left out? And what stories are being erased?
Featuring writer Dr. Alicia Inez Guzmán, and SFAI Story Maps Fellows Diego Medina and Christian Gering, this 9-part podcast unsettles what we think we know about Santa Fe and New Mexico’s past to help envision a more just future.

Grounded in archival research, oral history, and creative storytelling, Unsettled narrates relations across time, weaving in the identity crises of present-day Santa Fe and the controversy around the Soldiers’ Monument with a chronicle of events that begins before European contact and continues into Spain’s earliest occupation of Santa Fe in the 17th century. Looking outward, Unsettled also reveals that this region’s struggles are related to those taking place nationally and internationally by drawing on SFAI artists whose work addresses histories of colonization and their impact on the present. Reckoning with conflict and beauty near and far helps us imagine a future in which all our relations can tell rich stories of self and place.

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Part 1: Axis Mundi / Dec. 7

Part 2: You’re Not From Here / Dec. 14

Part 3: Oga Po’geh / Dec. 21

Part 4: Ceremony in Balance / Jan. 18

Parts 5,6 / February

Parts 7, 8, 9 / March

This podcast series is part of the Culture Connects Midtown Project. To learn more visit cultureconnects.site.
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Part 1: Axis Mundi

Santa Fe reckons with one monument and the moments leading to its downfall, with Alma Castro, Darryl Wellington, and Virgil J. Vigil.

Music for this podcast courtesy of Wake Self from the album Ready to Live.

Part 2: You're Not From Here

The Soldiers’ Monument arrived in 1868. Is it even from here?
With Porter Swentzell, Artemisio Romero y Carver and Heidi Brandow.

Music for this podcast courtesy of Wake Self from the album Ready to Live.

Soldiers’ Monument photo: Gurnsey, Byron H. / Palace of the Governors Photo Archive

Part 3: Oga Po'geh

Part 3: Oga Po’geh

Can acknowledging ancestral lands and indigenous relatives counter settlerism in Santa Fe? With Jade Begay, Porter Swentzell, Artemisio Romero y Carver.

Music for this podcast courtesy of Wake Self from the album Ready to Live.

Part 4: Ceremony in Balance / JAN. 18

As a counter to the hunk of sandstone that was once invested with so much power to divide, this episode of Unsettled examines the blueprints that our communities already have for coming together and being in right relation. In fact, while the obelisk sat inanimate, in Indigenous and mixed Indigenous communities across the state and throughout the Americas, the Matachines performed histories of international relations, generation after generation. Episode 5, part 4, looks at these relations — and reconciliation — through the prism of this shared dance.

With Jason Garcia, Dr. Brenda M. Romero, Dr. David Garcia, and Dr. Bjorn Krondorfer

Music for this podcast courtesy of Wake Self from the album Ready to Live.