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Public Workshop: Graffiti in Action: Conceptualizing and Scaling Murals in Collectives

SFAI is proud to present our Public Workshop Series. Learn creative and social justice skills with our celebrated artists in residence, and support our mission to create a more just society. SFAI offers our public workshops to provide imaginative and educational experiences for our community, to facilitate professional development for our residents, and to provide a direct way to support SFAI through collaborative learning. Learn more and enroll below!

JULY 15 Joerael Elliott Graffiti in Action: Conceptualizing and Scaling Murals in Collectives

Graffiti in Action: Conceptualizing and Scaling Murals in Collectives

July 15, 2017 / 1-4PM / $60 Enrollment

Taught by Joerael Elliott of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Description/Objectives: During this workshop, participants will conceptualize and develop a mural for a wall in the constraints of a collectively agreed upon content.The intent of this workshop is to grow outside personal boundaries and find deeper connectivity to others and symbolism to better communicate. Participants will create conceptual sketches and compare them to examples of collaborative works. In the next stage, participants will be partnered and will explore identity, listening, acceptance, tolerance, sharing and relationship. Lastly, participants will conceptually quantify their sketches by imaginging what they would be if they were to be on the fictional wall. Participants will be introduced to perspectives on: communicating ideas, mis-appropriation, neighborhood/cultural awareness, grey areas, environment, political echo chambers, inclusivity and not being perfect/self acceptance. Last, Joerael will introduce a project and collective solution to funnel creative energy titled “Mobilize Walls.” The hope is that this practice can better cultivate a more dynamic and peaceful future.

Instructor Bio: Born in San Angelo Texas, Joerael is a narrative artist with a focus on creating complex figurative works. His figurative works focus on the subtle body, psychological imprint and the metabolic hum. In figures, Joerael weaves current and historical content pertaining to social justice, Earth’s environment, and that of the sacred. His works range from small scale mixed media drawings and paintings to large murals. Joerael has developed a visual and conceptual vocabulary from his direct experience as a yoga practitioner/teacher, activist, traveler, graffiti writer, street artist, and as a Texan. Elliott’s intentions as a narrative artist and teacher of yoga are to create non-reductive works that cultivate a contemplative space of liberty through living symbolism and the creative unconscious.  To learn more about Joerael, visit his website.

Skill Level: No experience necessary. This workshop will build on the History of Graffiti workshop from June, but does not require prior participation.

Materials Provided: Wall outline paper and pencils.

Materials to bring: If participants have their own drawing materials, sketchbooks, and calligraphy /graffiti markers, they are welcome to bring them.

For More Information: Write to Toni, SFAI Residency Program Manager at, or call 505.424.5050.


For more questions, write to Toni, SFAI Residency Program Manager at, or call 505.424.5050.