Veronica Jackson

Veronica Jackson makes connections across the various disciplines of visual culture—art, architecture, and design—as compiled in her multi-decade portfolio in the areas of exhibition, interpretive, and communication design. She honed her ability to deliver information in accessible methods and to broad audiences by working on culturally significant and historically prominent projects. Examples range from the African Voices exhibit for the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History to Discovering the Civil War at the National Archives and Records Administration. Jackson brings numerous capabilities to each enterprise. At a minimum, these encompass communicating to diverse audiences and creating inviting and engaging exhibits that promote discovery. As the Lead Designer on several large and small-scale endeavors, she collaborates with clients, industry professionals, and the public to ensure elegant and approachable experiences from concept to implementation. Jackson is also a dedicated proponent for accessibility in the visual arts. She holds firm that once exposed to it, art is a transformative experience. Whatever role artistic exploration plays for an individual or a society, Jackson is committed to ensuring its existence and availability to anyone who wants to produce it, gaze at it, debate it, or simply live with it. With the intent of integrating her personal ontology with her professional practice, Jackson pursued and recently received a Master’s degree in Visual and Critical Studies from California College of the Arts, San Francisco. Her graduate school and ongoing work examines identity, agency, and empowerment as performed by women of color in visual culture.


Equal Justice 2017/2018



Washington, D.C. USA