Varuni Kanagasundaram

My practice as a ceramic artist explores the experience of migrants from South Asia. The expression of their journeys and how they move between cultural traditions in new lands are central to the art practice, these being translated through cultural rituals. My practice that also incorporates performance and community participation addresses themes of identity, place, loss, confluence of cultural practices and memory from the feminine perspective.

Following the completion of my Bachelor of Arts Honours (1st class) in Ceramics in 2013 and I was awarded a Grant in 2014 to develop my practice that explores Cultural Hybridity. I am currently undertaking my postgraduate studies in Fine Arts. I have been a presenter at international conferences and recipient of US art residencies, awards in sculpture/fine art exhibitions, Scholarships and the American NCECA Multicultural Fellowship. These opportunities have allowed me to connect with the broader global arts community to convey migrant stories.


Truth & Reconciliation 2018/2019



Diamond Creek, VIC Australia


Current times have revealed inequities in our society and fractures in structures built on the legacy of colonisation and capitalism. Times of relative normality often mask or dismiss deep concerns for the diverse community that make up our society at the level of humanity. There is much learning to be gained from experiences of first nations people, the original custodians of the land; people of all races including migrants of colour who have come to form the fabric of our society. They bring a way of relating to the world and make meaning through their experiences and cultural practices. These can inform and open a different way of connecting through a universality of language that embraces what is fundamental to humanity. –Varuni Kanagasundaram