Laura Elkins

Laura Elkins began painting as a child, taking lessons from several painters in her hometown, Oxford, Mississippi. After college Elkins returned to Oxford to paint full-time when she enjoyed the insights of visionary painter Theora Hamblett. Later, the artist would share Hamblett’s earlier patronage by Betty Parsons, who also exhibited Elkins’s work. After an essentially peripatetic life, Elkins, for the past fifteen years, has made her home in Washington, DC, a milieu that informs her current work. The artist has a degree in architecture from the University of Virginia, where she studied life drawing and painting, and has worked in all phases of architectural practice. Elkins received a grant funded by the NEA,The Rockefeller Foundation, and The Andy Warhol Foundation in 1993 to create a project that translated a series of paintings into architecture. Elkins was the Forsyth Fellow at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in 2008. Recent exhibitions in New York include solo shows at Tikhonova&Wintner, and Ground Floor Workshop, and a group show at Dixon Place. Sue Scott chose Elkins’s work for Studio Montclair Viewpoints 2014. In DC, her work has been exhibited in three solo shows at The Fridge as well as in numerous group exhibitions.


Immigration / Emigration 2015/2016



Washington, DC USA