Emma FitzGerald

Emma FitzGerald has followed a career path that is part art, part architecture, all the while travelling the world. She has worked on the Mpangubwe Interpretive centre at Peter Rich Architects in Johannesburg, which won Best Building in the World at the World Architecture Festival, 2009. Emma has taught architecture in West Africa, and based her Masters architecture thesis in her birth country of Lesotho, where she subsequently did collaborative textile art work with women working in the textile industry. However, it is drawing that Emma returns to again and again, and is showcased in her most recent endeavour, the best-selling “Hand Drawn Halifax”, published in 2015 by Formac Publishing. The book combines on location sketching and anecdotal text, and reads as “…a love letter to Atlantic Canada’s largest city” (The Globe & Mail). Halifax is where Emma lives and works, but her travels have continued. In 2015 Emma also completed a 6 week residency program in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she followed in the footsteps of poet Elizabeth Bishop, documenting her process with drawings and texts. She will bring this keen sense of place and her belief in what drawing offers for learning to her residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute.


Immigration / Emigration 2015/2016




Halifax, NS Canada