Dara Silverman

Dara Silverman is a writer, artist out of Oakland, California. Dara thinks of her creative projects as experiments, each born from a collision of questions, and resulting in a unique universe complete with rules of science and magic, patterns of behavior and specific aesthetics. She allows her current preoccupations to embed themselves inside these landscapes, revealing connections and complexity. In addition to her work with Agile Rascal, Dara’s plays have been finalists for the Jewish Plays Project and the Association for Theatre in Higher Education and have been published by Smith and Kraus, Inc. She has received residencies from the Santa Fe Art Institute, The Lookout Arts Quarry and AIRIE in the Everglades. Dara holds an MFA from San Francisco State University in playwriting. When not working on Agile Rascal, Dara runs Heart and Bones Writing, a one stop word shop.


Water Rights 2016/2017




Oakland, CA USA