SFAI is proud to present our Public Workshop Series. Learn creative and social justice skills with our celebrated artists in residence, and support our mission to create a more just society. SFAI offers our public workshops to provide imaginative and educational experiences for our community, to facilitate professional development for our residents, and to provide a direct way to support SFAI through collaborative learning. Learn more and enroll below!

The Traveling Block Print: How to Make Block Prints in any Location
February 18th, 2017 / 1-4PM / $60 Enrollment
Taught by Kate Aitchison of the Rhode Island School of Design

Description/Objectives: This workshop teaches participants how to make block prints from a range of materials. Both single layer and multi-block techniques will be explored. Participants will also learn about traveling artists using block prints and their capacity for the dissemination of information. Finally, different options for a mobile printmaking studio will be explored as well as options for alternate ways to introduce colors to your prints. This will primarily be a skills based class in which participants will learn carving techniques, registration, and hand printing methods. Participants will also learn about different inks, papers, tools, and materials for carving.

Instructor Bio: Kate Aitchison is an artist from the Southwestern United States focusing on print media. Her work revolves around connections between art and conservation, human impact in the natural landscape, and emotive connection to place. She completed her MFA in 2016 from the Rhode Island School of Design and has received numerous grants to explore paper making in various forms and locations, from Japan to Southern Utah, to Rhode Island. In her time at the Santa Fe Art Institute she is constructing a boat from wooden panels that will be carved and printed with images of the current state of Southwestern river corridors. She has also worked for two experimental education-based, semester-long programs that focused on all aspects of the Colorado Plateau and Grand Canyon, teaching art alongside ecology, geology, and policy. Kate has taught numerous workshops including sketchbook construction, block printing, and paper making. To learn more about Kate, visit her website.

Skill Level: No experience necessary.
Materials ProvidedCarving tools, ink, paper
Materials for Participants to Bring: Participants may want to bring more paper they would like to print on.
For More Information: Write to Toni, SFAI Residency Program Manager at, or call 505.424.5050.

Writing as Creative Resistance: Writing Alive during Shifting Tides
February 23, 2017 / 6-9PM / $60 Enrollment
Taught by Franciszka Voeltz of the University of California, San Diego

Description/Objectives: We will come together to look at writing that has stood up for a just world over time and then, based on prompts and activities provided, we will write in creative resistance towards shaping the kind of world(s) we want to live in. We will generate writing individually and collectively and leave with public-ready work that can live beyond the workshop. This workshop is inspired by First 100 Days: United in Resistance, a series of events, workshops, and trainings that hopes to inspire a hundred more actions, events, creative interventions, projects, and concerts in the name of resistance to the turns the current political tides are taking.

Instructor Bio: From the crossroads of writing and social practice, Franciszka Voeltz writes poems-to-go for the public on a portable typewriter and facilitates community writing events and workshops. Her chapbook POETXTS is available from Imaginary Friend Press, and her work has appeared in journals including Dark Mountain, Analecta Literary Journal, and Adrienne: A Poetry Journal of Queer Women. A Helene Wurlitzer Foundation and Art Farm fellow, she earned an MFA in Writing from the University of California, San Diego and currently lives/works in Northeast Missouri at a collective farm project that grows 80 percent of their food. Since 2000, Franciszka has mentored writers and led writing workshops through non-profits, independently and at the university level. The most impactful work of her life has been creating space for other writers (often marginalized or underserved communities) to tell important stories (whether from their own lives or from fictional worlds) in the form of poems, plays, stories and essays. To learn more about Franciszka, visit her website.

Skill Level: No experience necessary.
Materials Provided: Paper, markers, note cards.
Materials for participants to bring: Whatever you prefer to use to write with (pen and notebook or computer, etc.).
For More Information: Write to Toni, SFAI Residency Program Manager at, or call 505.424.5050.


For more questions, write to Toni, SFAI Residency Program Manager at, or call 505.424.5050.