Minna Hong

Minna Hong is many things to many people.

She flows gracefully through the titles given to her by birth, society and circumstances. She sustained a spinal cord injury from a car accident in 1999 that changed the course of her life. She became a widow and a single mother of 2 young kids in an instant. After painful 2 years of mourning her personal loss, she went to work. She rested her old self to give life to her new self in her new body. She worked hard as a SCI Peer Support manager at Shepherd Center. She was very instrumental in creating scientific evidence based program to prove the efficacy of peer support through PCORI Grant. This research changed the way rehabilitation hospital view the peer support program. It became a standard practice to be recognized as a rehabilitation facility. She was the winner of Hospital Hero Award by GA Healthcare Association for her work. Minna recently retired to pursue her passions; disability advocacy and her love of creating art. Her goal is to infuse the two in various mediums of artistic expressions. “Nothing about us without us”. This is her way of giving back to the community that has been so generous to her life journey. She is committed to creating a community where ALL are welcome at the table.


2019 Creative Access Fellowship




Atlanta, GA USA