Marjorie Beaucage

Marjorie Beaucage is a filmmaker, cultural worker, and community-based video activist. She was born in Vassar Manitoba and her work as an artist, formally began at age 40 when she attended Film School at Ryerson. Culture is a collective agreement. Being Métis, Marjorie is also committed to building cultural bridges between worlds through her creations/stories. In 2005, she created A Medicine Wheel for the Indian Act as a tool for de-colonisation and restoring relations between cultures as well as a DVD Medicine Bundle for Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS: Me Mengwa Maa Sinatae: Butterfly Patterns of Light. Marjorie is committed to creating a living legacy with the People and making room for diverse worldviews and storytelling. In 2016 she finished “COMING IN: Stories of Two Spirit in Saskatchewan …Taking Our Place.” As a film and video maker, her work has been screened in bingo halls and at City Hall, from Northern Labrador to New Zealand. Some videos are passed around the community; some are in public libraries and at University Film Schools and Art Departments. They have a life of their own. Some work has been screened on specialty channels – wtn, aptn, Knowledge Network, pride vision and Global. Marjorie’s work also has been programmed in Festivals and Gallery shows from Berlin to Edmonton, Canada House in London, MOMA in New York- in a variety of contexts. Her life work has been about creating social change, working to give people the tools for creating possibilities and right relations. Whether in the classroom, community organizations or the arts, her goal has been to pass on the stories, knowledge and skills that will make a difference for the future. In the world of making room for difference and accessing the means of production in the 1990’s, Marjorie was a key agent of change promoting access for Aboriginal artists. As co-founder of the Aboriginal Film and Video Art Alliance, and the “Runner” for the People, Marjorie established the Aboriginal Program at the Banff Centre for the Arts.


Equal Justice 2017/2018



Duck Lake, SK Canada