Lynnette Haozous

Lynnette Haozous is Chiricahua Apache (of the San Carlos Apache Tribe), Dine’, and Taos Pueblo. Growing up on and around her three tribes’ reservations in Arizona and New Mexico has influenced Haozous’ art works.
Haozous is a multi-medium “artivist”, blending art and advocacy to bring attention to the current social conditions and injustices in Indian Country. Mediums include working with acrylics, water colors and spray paint, murals, jewelry, screen-printing, poetry and acting on film and stage.
Haozous studied Studio Arts at CNM, and graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from New Mexico Highlands University in 2016. Haozous is also an art teacher, previously teaching at OFFCenter Community Arts Project and at Working Classroom Inc., working along with Native youth artists in Albuquerque, NM. Haozous’ vision is to use art for positive social change, to use art to empower and strengthen our communities.
In 2012, Haozous received the “2012 Nativo Lodge/SWAIA Artist Residency” and in 2017 again received the “2017 Nativo Lodge Artists Rooms Residency”. Haozous’ mural works can be seen at Hotel Chaco, the OT Circus Gallery in Albuquerque, NM. In September 2018, Haozous completed a year long artist residency, creating 3-on-site murals on the exterior of a newly built women’s artist residency, called Ute Mountain AIR, in Questa, New Mexico.
Haozous plans to use her SFAI Truth and Reconciliation Residency to focus on themes such as Native Self Actualization: Maslow and The Blackfoots Teachings, Reconciliation of The Pueblo Revolt v. The Entrada, as well as a mural dedicated to Peruvian Activist Berta Caceres.


Truth & Reconciliation 2018/2019



Questa, NM USA