Water Activism SFAI140: 1 Night, 20 Talks & Performances, 140 Seconds Each

Join us as we celebrate a year of our Water Rights programming with a themed SFAI140!  SFAI140 is an event unlike any other: 1 night, 20 inspiring talks & performances, 140 seconds each. With twenty speakers in one evening, the energy and ideas shared are electric. RSVP HERE. 

From Hillerbrand + Magsamen who received a film award from NASA, to the publisher & editor of THE Magazine, our SFAI140 presenters are remarkable. Don’t miss Kewa Pueblo Master Jeweler Anthony Lovato, all of our Water Rights Family Residents, internationally regarded dance artist Rulan Tangen, and more on Friday night! Learn more about our 20 presenters below. Come witness incredible work, visit open studios, make connections, and leave inspired. SFAI140 is an event unlike any other: 1 night, 20 inspiring talks & performances, 140 seconds each. With twenty speakers in one evening, the energy and ideas shared are electric.

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Annie Danis Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology, University of California Berkeley / SFAI Artist in Residence
Mildred Beltre SFAI Artist in Residence
Dennis DeHart Associate Professor of Fine Arts, Washington State University / SFAI Artist in Residence
Hillerbrand + Magsamen SFAI Artists in Residence
Devon Tsuno SFAI Artist in Residence
Moira Williams Artist / SFAI Creative Access Fellow / Co-Founder Walk Exchange
Isaac Watts SFAI Intern
Mike Sutton Painter / SFAI Intern
David Lindblom Professor, Northern New Mexico College / SFAI Filmmaker in Residence
Catherine Page Harris MLA & MFA, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture / Art & Ecology University of New Mexico
Rulan Tangen Founding Artistic Director, Dancing Earth / SFAI Alum
David Groenfeldt Director, Water-Culture Institute
Jeff Overlie Artist
Jeffrey Haas Attorney, Santa Fe Attorney defending Standing Rock Water Protectors / Board member of Water Protector Legal Collective
Bobbe Besold Artist / Creative Catalyst
Manuel González Current City of Albuquerque Poet Laureate
Anthony Lovato Kewa Pueblo Master Jeweler / Pueblo Oral History Scholar
Nicole J. Davis Co-Director, Unlocked Minds, Inc. Institutional Giving Assoc. & Grant Writer, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum/
Charles Ashley III Founder and President Cultivating Coders
Lauren Tresp Publisher + Editor, THE Magazine
Andrea Vargas-Mendoza Artist, Cultural Activist
Rebecca Black Former USAID Mission Director
Franco Andres SFAI Post-Graduate Fellow & Logistics Manager
Christie Green SFAI Resident / Principal, Landscape Designer, & Artist at radicle
Beverly Fisher Artist, SFAI Community Resident
Kathleen McCloud SFAI Alum / Visual Artist


Join us as all of our SFAI 140 presenters respond to our current theme of Water Rights and the question of Water Activism. SFAI140 presenters distill their work, values, mission, & organizations into their essential form: 7 slides delivered in 140 seconds. The results, times 20, are remarkable. As SFAI 140 reveals, time doesn’t limit seminal ideas and their impact. Come make connections, witness incredible work, and leave inspired. SFAI located on the western end of the Santa Fe University of Art & Design, 1600 St. Michaels Dr.


Because water is seen, now more than ever, as a contested resource, SFAI is committed to bringing together local, national, and global thinkers and creators to collectively expand and revise our knowledge of what we think we know about water rights.  New Mexico is rich in its relationship to water- a position created over a long history of corporate, environmental, political, and multicultural claims to this essential resource.

From September 2016 through June of 2017, SFAI and its community partners will explore several questions: How do we describe and define the contested space around water? If water use is often parallel to culture, how can cultural activities result in greater models of equity to our water systems? How can diverse practices, from poetic to practical to political, create greater access to these and other parallel resources?

SFAI looks forward to bringing together dynamic creative thinkers, artists, designers, educators, policy makers, poets, architects, journalists, and activists to focus on ways that we can address inherent inequalities relating to water rights and create new ways of thinking about the use and misuse of this essential substance. Join us as we focus on this impactful issue that transcends social, cultural, and economic boundaries.

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