Victoria Sambunaris Lecture – 11/11

The Santa Fe Art Institute Presents:

Landscape Photographer

Victoria Sambunaris

Untitled, Uranium Tailings, 2003

What: Victoria Sambunaris Lecture
Where: Tipton Hall
When: Thursday, November 11, 2010 @ 6pm
How Much: $10 general admission | $5 students/seniors/members

The Santa Fe Art Institute is honored to present photographer Victoria Sambunaris as part of our 2010 theme Elemental: Earth Air Fire Water – Art as Environment.

Sambunaris photographs the American landscape with a neutrality that allows for both natural and manmade structures to be seen equally, focusing on roads, houses, freight cars and the like, poking out of the landscape as if natural occurrences. These elements are sculptural, either representing the ever changing environment, land formations, and weather or the inventions and movement of humans into the dwindling wild landscape. Her photos simultaneously show the vast expanse of the land and the increasing encroachment of human impact. She captures the beauty and tragedy of such encroachment, but also the technology required by today’s living standards as a part of our contemporary landscape.

Born in 1964, Sambunaris graduated from the Yale MFA program in 1999. Her work is held in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum of Women in the Arts as well as the Lannan Foundation, Santa Fe, which granted her a Foundation Fellowship in Marfa, Texas.

Sambunaris says of her process:

“As a photographer, I originally developed my process for finding photographic content by getting lost on highways and freeways and chancing upon sites that would trigger unaccountably familiar responses. Whether pondering landscapes of human manipulation or geophysical occurrences, the particular issues of physicality that define our place here and now: scale, containment, space, light and compression have become the locus of my work. I am captivated by the idea of how we inhabit our landscapes as we forge ahead in our development. The suggestion of what fills our lives is somehow telling and strangely consoling. Over the years, each body of work has taken me further and further from my base in New York to discover and uncover places. Once there, I remain to experience and to explore the mystery of what a particular place contains.”

(excerpted from Women in Photography website (

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