Maria Molina / Juan Garrigues

María Molina Peiró is a filmmaker and audio-visual artist. She works in an open format mixing film, experimental animation and digital media.

María Molina´s films and art works have been showcased in international museums like EYE Film Museum (Amsterdam), MACBA (Museum of Modern Art Barcelona), Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) Berlin, Hong-Gah Museum (Taipei) and International Festivals including Art Futura (Barcelona), Taiwan Video Art Biennial, VISS (Vienna International Film Festival), Forecast Forum (Berlin) among others.

In María Molina Peiró´s work the relation between human, technology and nature is key. Her work explores, among other things, the fluctuating nature of time and the convergences between different time scales and memory systems (from Geology to Digital Memory). Appropriating processes of metafiction and postproduction some of her works explore the blurry line that separates reality than fiction. She is particularly interested in how the ubiquity and pervasive nature of Digital Technology is reshaping the view of our past and therefore our future.

Juan Garrigues is an armed conflicts mediator that has worked in NGOs, think tanks, the United Nations and the Spanish Prime Minister’s office. He has worked in many different countries including Afghanistan, Nigeria, Libya and Niger, and has published in numerous leading newspapers and think tanks on international relations issues. He is currently a Special Adviser at the Dialogue Advisory Group and a Senior Research Fellow Associate at the Barcelona Center for International Affairs.