James October Beckenstein

James October Beckenstein is a tarot reader, community worker, and sensitivity reader. You can learn more about their work at transembassy.com and jamiebeckenstein.com.

Jamie went to Hampshire College in Amherst, MA where they graduated with a BA in storytelling. Jamie has worked at, volunteered with, and interned at North Star, a selfE directed learning center for teens, the SeeEHearEFeelEFilm media literacy program at Amherst Cinema, the Entertainment Media team at GLAAD, the It Gets Better Project, the New York NeoEFuturists, Grassroots Campaigns as a canvasser for Planned Parenthood, the podcast Sex For Smart People* (*that means you), and INCITE/ OHMA at Columbia University. They participated in The Homecoming Project, served on the scholarship committee at Live Out Loud, and were an ambassador for the University of Wisconsin’s Depression in Young Adults module.

Jamie currently volunteers on an antiELGBTQ+Eviolence hotline with the AntiEViolence Project. They have created a zine on experiences of a loved one’s transness and coE edited a zine on queer perspectives on the Starz’ series Black Sails. Their work is published in Written on the Body: Letters from Trans and NonEBinary Survivors of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. They recently coEran a Trans PopEUp event and directed a music video of exclusively trans boys.

Most significantly, Jamie is a big old nerd. They love TV and music and YA novels and their 2000 Honda Civic, Mildred. You can find them doing magic, walking over the Queensboro Bridge, or trying to convince people to watch their favorite shows. They usually live in Queens, New York.