THIS IS IT! Show Your Support for the SFAI!

Please come to both of these meeting to show your support for the city of Santa Fe’s acquisition of the CSF campus, and the continuing operation of the Santa Fe Art Institute.

If you need more info about the proposal you can get it here.

Your presence is critical, both tonight and Wednesday to show those City Councilors who are still planning to vote “NO” how much community support there is for this proposal.

Thank you, again, for your support.

The details are:

On TUESDAY, July 28th, there will be another informational open house on CSF/Laureate at the Southside Library, beginning at 4. I also recommend arriving to this on time, as they will likely have a formal presentation. Your presence at this meeting is critical as at least one of the City Councilors representing the district where this meeting is being held is planning to vote “NO” tomorrow!

WEDNESDAY JULY 29th is the BIG DAY; this is the public hearing at the full City Council, and **you and everyone you know who can advocate for CSF should be present, and willing to speak up.** CSF is scheduled for the 7 p.m. session of the City Council. Please arrive right at 7 p.m. or earlier.

If you need inspiration for speaking at tonight’s meeting and Wednesday’s meeting or to the Councilors privately here are some things to keep in mind:

-CSF was conservatively estimated to contribute $20 million by CSF’s director of institutional research

-There is no taxpayer burden in this plan– the bonds issued will be payed for completely by a 26-year lease to Laureate

-Laureate has committed to invest $20 million into CSF

-The State of New Mexico has committed to invest $10 million

-CSF’s creditors have negotiated CSF’s debt down by about $11 million in order to help the City acquire the campus for a mere $19.5 million.


-The CSF property will likely be tied up in lawsuits for 5 or more years. What will that mean for the St. Michael’s area, and its future for redevelopment?

-Brain Drain! Talented professionals who taught and worked at CSF are gradually migrating, and will continue to do so, if the City lets this go. This article outlines a little bit of this phenomenon:–creates–brain-dra

-Young people! Santa Fe has a serious problem with the attrition of its own local youth, and now without a traditional 4-year college, this city is losing many more. Don’t Santa Fe’s designations as a UNESCO city and one of the largest art markets in the country lose a bit of meaning without the presence of young people and an innovative arts college?

-These young people and professionals are significant contributors to the intellectual and artistic life of this community. What do we lose without them?

-What will happen to the Santa Fe Art Institute, if the City lets this go, and the campus property is mired in lawsuits for years?

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