Visualizing Injustices

Visualizing Injustices – Janet Chan 

This is a first artistic collaboration between an immigrant Chinese Australian, Janet Chan, and an Aboriginal Australian, Amanda Porter, on a subject of great interest to both: the historical and ongoing injustices created by conflict, contestation, racism and discrimination in the policing of Indigenous peoples, communities and populations in contemporary Australia.

This project aims to explore how a creative and humane investigation of truth and truth claims can engender healing, reconciliation, and the creation of new narratives to document Indigenous experiences of conflict, racism and discrimination in encounters with police. The project involves the collection and presentation of quantitative (data visualization) and qualitative (visual images, artefacts, music, poetry and spoken words) information about ongoing experiences of injustice and racism by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities with the criminal justice system.

The period of residency will be spent creating a multi-media presentation of one specific aspect of these encounters, including the curation of an exhibition/installation and the presentation of a lecture-performance. Following the residency, the exhibition/installation and the lecture-performance will be shown/performed in Australia and other international venues.