Muntu Child

Angel Unfried is a literary editor with a sharp eye for innovative writing and a strong grasp on journalistic content. Has relevant experience in editing collaborative publications and a knack for pairing up creatives from different fields to craft storytelling projects that are relevant to an eclectic public. During eightyears (2010-2017) he was the editor-in-chief of El Malpensante, one of the most influential cultural magazines in Colombia. He was also the publisher of Libros Malpensante, an independent publishing company focused on non-fiction and illustration books. He has written articles on literature, film, music, design and social issues for Diners, Shock, Bacánika, La República and El Heraldo. In 2016, “La revancha de Santa Zita”, a detailed chronicle that assembles the complex stories of domestic helpers in Colombia, was selected as finalist of Premio Gabo, the journalism prize granted by the Iberoamerican New Journalism Foundation, FNPI. In 2012, his documentary project Revelados, about four Colombian photographers, gota honorable mention at the Cultural Documentary Series open call set by the public televisión channel Señal Colombia and the Ministry ofCommunications and New Technologies. In 2016, he was the anchor of the documentary TV series Lejos de Casa (“Far from home”), transmitted by Señal Colombia.



Natalie Marx Romero, born Natalie Romero Gonzalez in Barranquilla, Colombia, is a media and performance artist, documentary filmmaker and culturalproducer based in the New York City Area. She has worked collaboratively in a variety of interdisciplinary projects in the United States, Europe andLatin America; beginning her career with films that address the socio-political conflict and the humanitarian crisis of the refugees in Colombia supported by the UNHCR and the Ministry of Culture.

In 2008 she moved to the U.S where she has participated and collaboratedin award winning independent films such as I Tweet by Miles Productions;as a dancer in Sylvain Emard’s Le Grand Continental NYC Edition for theLMCC; in experimental and immersive theater in Richard Schechner’s Imagining O at Peak Performances, in radical performance art workshops with Guillermo Gomez Peña’s La Pocha Nostra and artist Sarah Berkeley.She completed her MA in Theatre Studies working upon graduation as Film Project Coordinator for Dance for Film in Location at Montclair State University program.

Most recently she is working for Zimbabwean choreographer norachipaumire in her most recent piece 100%Pop #Punk & *Nigga and therevival of The Dark Swan. Last April 2018, Marx participated at the Double Edge Theatre’s Creative Laboratory in Ashfield, MA. With her performanceart project “Miss Maria” inspired in the aftermath of hurricane Maria inPuerto Rico.