Residency Eligibility

Our thematic residency program is open to all artistic disciplines (visual arts, writing, performance, new media, etc.) and other creative practices including, but not limited to, curation, design, architecture, education, humanities, social sciences, law, medicine, and science. We strongly encourage applicants with interdisciplinary and non-traditional creative practices.

While we welcome dancers, musicians, and composers, as well as performance / movement artists, SFAI does not have any specialized facilities or equipment such as a sprung floor, soundproof rooms, or instruments. Please note that SFAI also cannot accommodate artists who work solely in oil paint, and we enforce a strict ban on solvents and other noxious and/or toxic materials in the building. Spray paints and spray adhesives can be used with care in our outdoor workyard only. We ask potential applicants who work in these genres to carefully consider if SFAI is a good fit for their needs and/or how they may adapt their practice to flourish in the context of SFAI before applying.

SFAI accepts applications from individuals and collaborations, which are defined as two people in residence concurrently and working on a mutual project. Demonstration of prior collaboration is preferred but not required. We welcome local, national, and international applicants who are 25 years old and older. 

Each year as part of the thematic residency, SFAI also hosts a one-month long Family Residency in July exclusively for parent-artists and their children. Individual parent-artists and co-parent collaborations (meaning two parent-artists who may or may not be life-partners / spouses, but each of whom have children) are welcome to apply.

Click here for additional details about the Family Residency