Food Justice Residency 2014/2015

SFAI engaged with the topic of Food Justice as its inaugural theme for residencies and programming. From September 2014 through June 2015, SFAI encouraged creative minds to come together and examine the territory of food justice. Together, we asked how diverse creative practices can confront inherent social, cultural and economic problems in our food system. SFAI brought together insights from creative fields, environmental sciences, sustainable agriculture, critical theory, and food studies, aspiring to create local, national, and international impact.


Hakim Bellamy Albuquerque, NM 2015
Erik Benjamins Culver City, CA 2015
Jackleen de La Harpe 2015
Stephanie Diamond Brooklyn, NY 2014
Edible Hut Kate Daughdrill and Mira Burack Detroit, MI / Peñasco, NM 2014
Alexis Elton Chimayo, NM 2014
FICTILIS Andrea Steves and Timothy Furstnau Oakland, CA 2015
Jessica Frelinghuysen Hamtramck, MI 2015
Christie Green Santa Fe, NM 2015
Rodrigo G. de San Martín Mexico City, Mexico 2015
Nicole Lattuca Fogo Island 2014
Sheena Hoszko Montreal, Quebec 2015
Yoko Inoue Brooklyn, NY 2015
Autumn Kioti New York 2015
M12 Denver, CO 2014 / 2015
Amanda McDonald Crowley Brooklyn, NY 2015
MobileInTent Ann Schnake and Ursula Maria Berzborne Berkeley, CA / Berlin, Germany 2014
Ann Schnake
Ursula Maria Berzborn Berlin, Germany
Nikki Pike Denver, CO 2015
Andrea Reynosa Narrowsburg, NY 2015
Stephanie Rothenberg Buffalo, NY 2015
Holly Schmidt Vancouver, BC Canada 2014 / 2015
Caitlin Shepherd Bristol, Great Britian 2014
Miriam Simun Brooklyn, NY 2015
Tiffany Singh Auckland 2015