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Story Maps is a paid fellowship program, funded in part by The Ford Foundation, that mentors young, local, creative leaders of color in community engagement. Story Maps Fellows will engage government and non-arts organizations in projects aimed at creating long term social equity in Santa Fe. The Story Maps Project will geographically, artistically, digitally, and anecdotally map Santa Fe as a means to understanding and opening paths to equality. Over the year-long fellowship, fellows will work together with community members to develop maps, stories, and artworks, culminating in an annual, theme-based, community project.




Story Maps Fellowships will be awarded to young, emerging, creatives of color who wish to apply their creativity towards solving complex social challenges.  Applicants should be passionate about social change, have leadership potential and strong collaborative and relational skills. We seek Fellows who are capable of building relationships. Creative practitioners who are curious and open-minded about navigating complex structures are ideally suited for this program.

Applicants must possess a minimum high school or GED diploma, and reside in Santa Fe and/or a surrounding community. Young people with college aspirations and/or experience are encouraged to apply, as are recent college graduates.

A $10,000 a year stipend is provided.


All applicants must submit a resume or CV, a 250-word statement of interest about your creative practice and why you hope to become a Story Maps Fellow, and creative work samples. We also request contact information for at least two references.

In addition to the above, applicants need to be nominated for the Fellowship by a Santa Fe community member who is familiar with the nominee’s creative work and leadership potential, for example, a current or former teacher, employer, colleague, or a community leader. One of your references can also be your nominator!

Be sure to contact your references personally and let them know that you are applying for the Fellowship.

Creative work samples (i.e. writing samples, images of your work, video of performances, links to websites, recordings, etc.) are an important part of the application. Details about the quantity and formatting of the creative work samples can be found in the application itself.

Finalists will be invited for an in-person interview at SFAI during the week of December 11-15, 2017. Final decisions and notifications will go out on December 15, 2017.

Click here to apply, or download PDF application here. If you need an application mailed to you, or would like to pick one up, please call 505.424.5050 or email Story Maps Program Manager Cristina González at

Applications are due before December 6, 11:59PM.  Early application submissions are encouraged.



Do you know an emerging, artist of color who is passionate about social change? Do you know a young, creative practitioner of color who is looking for new ways to bring her/his talents to the public sphere? The Story Maps Fellowship might be an ideal fit.

Applicants do NOT need to have experience with socially engaged art practices, but they DO need to be curious, personable, and capable of building relationships. Having strong relationships within the Santa Fe community—or within a specific neighborhood—could also be an asset to the program. Most importantly, Story Maps Fellows need collaborative skills, and the willingness and capacity to develop these skills further!

An immersive curriculum at the start of the fellowship year will not only build a strong cohort of Fellows, but also provide leadership training, listening & storytelling skills, GIS mapping skills, and more. Working together, SFAI and its partners look forward to supporting our Story Maps Fellows throughout the year, as they gain new insight towards their own creative practice and how that can intersect with solutions to complex social challenges.

All applicants to the Story Maps Fellowship program will need to supply two references. If you know a deserving young, creative practitioner of color, please submit a referral on his/her behalf. We are ready and willing to support your nominee throughout the application process.

For more information about Story Maps, please contact Story Maps Program Manager Cristina González at or by calling 505.424.5050.




The pilot year of the fellowship term runs from January – October, 2018.  Activities are centered in and around Santa Fe.

A two week, intensive, initial training will launch the fellowship year, building a supportive cohort and initiating the building of networks and skills. The training will be followed by weekly meetings of the cohort and monthly or quarterly meetings with mentors and partners. Throughout the first six months, fellows will investigate the work of their host organization: conduct interviews, collect stories, develop system maps and cognitive maps, collect and visualize data.

Working together in a shared space on the SFAI campus, the final four months of the fellowship term will witness fellows collectively addressing creative opportunities to surmounting current obstacles to equal justice. The culmination of the fellowship year will be a community project/artistic intervention that brings together all of the organizations and provides positive community impact.

Fellows will have multiple opportunities to present their investigations to the community. Shared meeting and studio space, and studio supplies will be furnished by SFAI throughout the fellowship year.

We anticipate multiple outcomes for Fellows, Hosts, and the community by the end of the Fellowship year. Fellows will gain a supportive cohort of peers, new skills and networks to keep doing their creative work. We also expect fellows to gain new insights into their own creative practice and how it can intersect with solutions to complex social challenges. Host City Departments and non-arts organizations will gain opportunities to expand their impact by telling their stories and deepening their direct engagement with citizens and neighborhoods. And most importantly, community members and individual neighborhoods will be the loci for storytelling and emerging possibilities that can move us all closer to equitable social transformation.



October 30, 2017 Fellowship Application Opens
December 6 Applications Due
December 11-15 Finalist Interviews
December 15 Final Decision & Notification
January, 2018 Program Begins


SFAI is motivated by the belief that artists are changemakers and leaders, and that the creative process, through its experiential and open nature, can break down barriers, build bridges, and create equity through action.

We understand that Story Maps is a collaborative endeavor. Its success will be grounded in the building of successful relationships between the City of Santa Fe and young artists, established artist-mentors, individual neighborhoods, and grassroots organizations that are serving those neighborhoods.

SFAI is excited to serve as a bridge between creative young people in Santa Fe and City Departments, who working together, can imagine and develop cultural initiatives that have the capacity to tackle inequality and mobilize collective action.



  • Are looking for ways to “tell the story” of the work they are currently doing
  • Are forward-thinking:  receptive to creative problem-solving and the discovery of new ideas and opportunities
  • Have a desire to engage and enrich the community they serve
  • Are willing and able to provide mentorship to an emerging artist
  • Will commit to the duration of the project, including attending an initial half-day training and monthly reflection/evaluation meetings throughout the fellowship year



For more information about Story Maps, please contact Story Maps Program Manager Cristina González at or by calling 505.424.5050. Download this information as a printable document here.

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