Social Structures is an installation of freestanding outdoor constructions and digital art pieces that address the themes of interconnectivity, empathy, and care. Download the map of Social Structures’ works below – on display from December 21, 2020–January 18, 2021 on the Midtown Campus at 1600 St. Michaels Drive.

Oriana Lee

Oriana Lee identifies as a queer, interdisciplinary artist of African descent, currently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Brought up in the Southern United States (TN), Lee’s artistic lens is primarily one of Southern American “Blackness”, often fused with aspects of traditional African culture through patterns, symbols, and storytelling. Lee’s contemporary art practice includes: recycled/upcycled art, installation art, music, literature, performance, and circus arts.

Having worked and created primarily as a vocalist, writer/poet, and performer for the past three decades, about 5 years ago, Lee’s work began to encompass visual, upcycled, and circus arts. Lee’s work explores themes of relationality, human rights, and empowerment. Through working with objects from nature and items otherwise destined for the junkyard or recycle center, Lee’s work represents how we as human beings are always reinventing ourselves, and our lives. Lee is currently a member of Vital Spaces (Santa Fe, New Mexico).

Behold Golden Moments

Behold Golden Moments is an interactive installation of artfully designed, comfortable, and cozy outdoor seating made from upcycled domestic furniture. As we experience physical human disconnect and lack of deep social interaction during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital that we create safe spaces for relating to each other if we intend to maintain our very nature as beings who require connection. The furniture is embellished with gold paint, poetry, affirmations, African-inspired patterns, and a variety of themes for discussion prompts around each seating arrangement. The installation is intended to encourage COVID-safe exchange and promote interconnected, empathetic and caring dialogue, while gently inspiring human growth and evolution in these trying times.


This event is part of the Culture Connects Midtown Project. To learn more visit