The Cut + Paste Society and The Santa Fe Art Institute present
Snow Poems 2013

The Cut + Paste Society and the Santa Fe Art Institute are pleased to present SITE Santa Fe’s SPREAD 3.0 winning project, Snow Poems 2013. Snow Poems is a community poetry project exploring our city as a living book written by its inhabitants. This winter original poetry will be stenciled on window fronts of buildings, schools, and other locales around the city of Santa Fe using temporary spray snow. The project includes a guide map that will be available at participating locations, free poetry workshops, outreach, and other related community events.

Open Submissions
Submissions accepted through December 21, 2012
We are accepting open submissions for consideration for Snow Poems windows on our website. Cut+Paste Society members as well as a guest poet will help curate poems to windows.

Events and Activities:
Snow Poems Exhibition + Poetry Storm
Sunday, Dec. 2, 3-5pm, Marji Gallery & Contemporary Projects
Everyone is invited to dress in white.
A limited edition of Snow Poems (2011-12) digital prints are on exhibit through December and are for sale. Proceeds go towards Snow Poems 2013.
Raffle for a digital print of your choice, Haiku Roadsign by Axle Contemporary, and Seven Places in America by Miriam Sagan. Tickets are $10 or 3/$25. Proceeds go towards Snow Poems 2013.

Poets read about Snow: Arthur Sze, Dana Levin, Elizabeth Jacobson, Elizabeth Lende, Jamie Figueroa, Joan Logghe, Jon Davis, Kirsten Mundt, Gabe Gomez, Lauren Camp, Michelle Laflamme-Childs, Miriam Sagan, Monika Cassel, Nicholas Chiarella, Surya Little, Tara Evonne Trudell
Refreshments served

Poetry Workshops
Lauren Camp, Slowing Into Space: Where Detail Meets Creativity
Thursday, December 6, 2-4pm. Museum of Fine Arts, St. Francis Auditorium
Free and open to the public, advanced registration required.

Nicholas Chiarella, Ekphrastic Ecstasy: Surreal Poetry from Boring Photographs
Saturday, December 8, 2-4pm, Santa Fe University of Art and Design.
Free and open to the public, advanced registration required.

Jamie Figueroa, What Winter Are You From?
Wednesday, December 12, 6-8pm, Whole Foods Community Room (Cerrillos)
Free and open to the public, advanced registration required.

Kirsten Mundt/Elizabeth Lende, What Grows Between the Cracks: Exploring Poetics of Urban Space
Tierra Encantada in conjunction with The Convergence Project/Story of Place Institute.

Snow Poems Installation Timeframe
Installation: December 27, 2012- January 7, 2013
De-installation: February 25, 2013- March 4, 2013

Participating Locations
Aaron Payne Fine Art
Atkin Olshin Schade Architects
Bataan Memorial Building
Betterday Coffee
Body of Santa Fe
Bokum Building (Teen Court)
CCA, Waxman Muñoz Gallery
“Doghouse” Gazebo in front of REI
Jerry Apodaca Education Building
La Boca
Labor Ready
Marji Gallery & Contemporary Projects
The New Old Garage on OSF Trail
New Mexico School for the Arts
Santa Fe Art Institute
Santa Fe Community College
Santa Fe Community Gallery
Santa Fe County Projects, Facilities, and Open Space Office
Santa Fe Public Library, Main
Santa Fe Public Library, Southside
Santa Fe School of Cooking
Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen
William Siegal Gallery

Guide map
A map for the project will be printed and distributed at Snow Poems 2013 locations. They are free to take for those interested. The map will give a brief description of the project, include locations of poems, the author and poem, and will serve as signage for the project.

Night of Illumination + Reading Room
Friday, February 22, 6-8pm, Location TBA
Snow Poems locations are invited to keep their lights on until 9pm this evening to illuminate the poems. Closing Ceremony will include a walking tour of downtown locations where full poems are read by their authors at the specific location. A local poet will be invited to read for those unable to attend. There will be hot cider, cookies, and cake at several locations.

Snow Poems Reading Room is a collaboration with Axle Contemporary to display submissions for Snow Poems in their mobile gallery.

About Cut + Paste Society
Cut+Paste Society is a creative community of women writers and artists in the Santa Fe area. Our goal is to combine our diverse experiences, practices, and skills, to work in new ways that reach beyond our own circles of influence and into the larger community. Our goal with Snow Poems is to make poetry and beauty an everyday experience, an experience that connects us to each other through place, reminding us that our public space is a human space.

About the Santa Fe Art Institute
The Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) founded in 1985, is an independent non-profit community-based arts center with international reach that presents and promotes art as a positive social force. SFAI fosters the exploration of contemporary art by enlivening public discourse on art, nurturing artists at all phases of their careers, and encouraging learning via the arts for people of all ages through five key program areas: 1) Ongoing residencies that provide support necessary for visual and new media artists, writers and poetry translators, performance artists and composers to complete work and explore new creative directions; 2) An annual season of lectures and workshops that stimulates discourse around important issues in the arts;  3) Small, focused exhibitions that challenge audience assumptions; 4) Publications; and 5) Community-based arts education and outreach that support creativity and innovation, provide an alternative pathway for learning, and expand the traditional skillset available to people young and old.

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