Spring SFAI140 : March 24, 7-9PM

Join us for our Spring SFAI140! We are proud to present an exceptional evening, led by a compelling group of new presenters.

SFAI140 is an event unlike any other. 1 evening, 20 inspiring talks, 140 seconds each. With twenty speakers in one evening, the energy and ideas shared are electric. SFAI140 presenters distill their work, values, mission, & organizations into their essential form: 7 slides delivered in 140 seconds. The results, times 20, are remarkable.

Come make connections, witness incredible work, and leave inspired. You don’t want to miss this incredible evening. Join us, 20 incredible speakers, and Santa Fe’s creative community on March 24, 7PM at SFAI (located at 1600 St. Michaels Dr.).


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Christie Green SFAI Resident / Principal, Landscape Designer, & Artist at radicle
Christina Catanese SFAI Resident / Choreographer / Hydrologist / Educator / Curator
Don Wilkison SFAI Resident / Artist Working as m.o.i. aka The Minister of Information
Megan Heeres SFAI Resident / Artist
John Hagen Unungan (Aleut) & Inupiaq / IAIA Artist in Residence / Photographer
Craig Dan Goseyun San Carlos Apache / IAIA Artist in Residence / Sculptor
Charlotte Renken Multimedia Storyteller / Santa Fe University of Art & Design Student
Olivia Romo Communications & Outreach Coordinator, New Mexico Acequia Association / Water Rights Activist / Spoken Word Artist
Mi’Jan Celie Tho-Biaz, Ed.D. Documentarian & Cultural Worker
Winoka R. Begay Diné / Doctoral Candidate, College of Education, UNM / Indigenous Outreach Coordinator, SITE Santa Fe
Amy Pilling SFAI Resident / Permaculture Designer / Educator
Anna MacLeod SFAI Resident / Artist
Scott Kildall SFAI Resident / Cross Disciplinary Artist
Courtney M. Leonard Shinnecock Nation / SFAI Resident / Artist / Educator
Nick Rivers SFAI Resident / Interdisciplinary Artist
Thomas Burkett SFAI Resident / River Healers Spokesperson
Asha Canalos SFAI Resident / Activist / Co-Editor of New Mexico Story Power
Ric Lum SFAI Resident / Artist / Chef / Thinker/ Former Environmental Executive / Entrepeneur
Michaela Paulette Shirley Program Specialist, Indigenous Design & Planning Institute, School of Architecture & Planning, UNM
Kourtney Andar SFAI Works Manager / National Board Vice President, Veterans For Peace
Darryl Lorenzo Wellington Poet / Essayist


We asked ourselves: instead of having lengthy, monographic talks by one or two individuals, could we offer just a taste to inspire further, more in-depth conversations? While the format for SFAI 140 may seem quick, one hundred and forty seconds can actually be a profound amount of time. In 140 seconds, one can create a tremendous impact and drive change. The Arab Spring came about as a result of people expressing their passions and frustrations in 140 characters, and President Lincoln spoke his 272-word Gettysburg Address in a little under 140 seconds. As SFAI 140 reveals, time doesn’t limit seminal ideas and their impact.




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