Summer SFAI140 : July 23, 7-9PM

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Join us for for the Summer 2015 SFAI 140! SFAI is proud to present a remarkable evening, led by compelling group of new presenters. We look forward to welcoming you to this marquee event for Santa Fe’s creative community.



Daniel Oxenhandler Creative Director, Network AffectCurator, CATAPULTA Social Innovation Festival
Lani Asuncion SFAI Artist in Residence, New Haven, CT
Jackie Munro Community Engagement Specialist, La Familia Medical Center
Dan Bonhorst Poet
Doris Francis Research Associate, Museum of International Folk Art
Drew Tulchin Managing Partner, UpSpring Associates
Stephanie Rothenberg SFAI Artist in Residence, Buffalo, NY
Rocío Alcantar Agricultora y Miembro del Santa Fe Farmers’ Market
Andrew Wulf Director, NM History Museum
Sylvia Johnson Director/Producer, Free Roaming Studios
Greta Armijo Director, Santo Domingo Tribal Housing Authority
Amy Christian Artistic Director, Wise Fool NM
Linda Infante Lyons SFAI Artist in Residence, Alutiiq, Anchorage, AK
Roger Gullickson Board Member, Communities in Schools of NM
C Alex Clark Hologram Artist
Suzanne D. Gollin President, Angelica Foundation
Jodie Martinez Property Manager, Ohkay Owingeh Housing Authority
Tom Miller Studio Arts Faculty, Santa Fe University of Art and Design
Kelli Clifton SFAI Artist in Residence, Gitga’ata Nation, Prince Rupert, B.C.
Miriam Langer Media Arts Faculty, NM Highlands University
Jeff Snell Chief Executive Officer, International Folk Art Alliance
Juana Colón Communications & Public Education Officer, NM Environmental Law Center
Jordan Bennett SFAI Artist in Residence, Mi’Kmaq Nation, Newfoundland, Canada


SFAI 140 is an evening of creativity and conversation featuring 20 short talks by some of the area’s most innovative thinkers and practitioners. It is a quarterly event in which artists, members of the community and leaders of cultural organizations discuss ideas and projects in lightning-fast presentations: 20 speakers each with seven slides at 20 seconds per slide (for a total of 140 seconds). The impetus behind SFAI 140 is to create a dynamic, engaged evening where SFAI’s gifted artists-in-residence talk about their work alongside dedicated members of the Santa Fe community.

We asked ourselves: instead of having lengthy, monographic talks by one or two individuals, could we offer just a taste—an amuse bouche—to inspire and create a spark for further, more in-depth conversations? The point is, you’re never going to understand the total depth of someone’s practice. What SFAI 140 gives the audience is a taste.

While the format for SFAI 140 may seem quick, one hundred and forty seconds can actually be a really long time, a profound amount of time in fact. In 140 seconds one can create a tremendous impact and drive change. The Arab Spring came about as a result of people expressing their passions and frustrations in 140 characters, President Lincoln spoke his 272-word Gettysburg Address in a little under 140 seconds. As SFAI 140 reveals, time doesn’t limit seminal ideas and their impact.

 SFAI is located on the SFUAD campus at 1600 St Michaels  Dr, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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