Pre SFAI140 Private Courtyard Reception

Please join us for a private reception celebrating our alumni courtyard renovation, enjoy open studios celebrating our Water Rights programming, and stay for our public SFAI140 program!

Join us as we celebrate a year of our Water Rights programming with a themed SFAI140!  SFAI140 is an event unlike any other: 1 night, 20 inspiring talks & performances, 140 seconds each. With twenty speakers in one evening, the energy and ideas shared are electric. All of our SFAI 140 presenters will respond to our current theme of Water Rights and the question of Water Activism. SFAI140 presenters distill their work, values, mission, & organizations into their essential form: 7 slides delivered in 140 seconds. The results, times 20, are remarkable. As SFAI 140 reveals, time doesn’t limit seminal ideas and their impact. Come make connections, witness incredible work, and leave inspired. SFAI located on the western end of the Santa Fe University of Art & Design, 1600 St. Michaels Dr.

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