SFAI 140

SFAI 140 Landscape

Please join us for SFAI 140, an evening of creativity and conversation featuring 20 short talks by some of the area’s most innovative thinkers and practitioners. Speakers include:

Tom Aageson, Co-founder, Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship

Jamie Blosser, Architect

Tom Crawford, Poet

Stéphanie Croibien, SFAI Artist in Residence

Jon Davis, Poet and Professor, IAIA

Janet Dees, Assistant Curator, SITE Santa Fe

Walter Dion, SFAI Artist in Residence

Luke Dorman, Artist

Erin Elder, Artist & Curator, Center for Contemporary Art

Narangkar Glover, SFAI Artist in Residence

 Sophiya Khwaja, SFAI Artist in Residence

Lauren Mantecon, SFAI Artist in Residence

Adam McKinney, Dancer and Professor, New Mexico School for the Arts

Barbara Mehlman, SFAI Artist in Residence

Mariel Nanasi, Executive Director & President, New Energy Economy

Chrissie Orr, Artist

Steven Shackley, Archaeologist

Molly Sturges, Composer/Artistic Director & Co-founder, Littleglobe

Edie Tsong, Artist

Laura Vias de Hughes, SFAI Artist in Residence

Thursday, November 21, 2013 at 7:00 PM @ SFAI: 1600 St. Michael’s Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87505. Directions to SFAI.

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