Rulan Tangen & DANCING EARTH

Dancer and Choreographer
Rulan Tangen

Indigenous Contemporary Dance Creations

Rulan Tangen Artist Talk
Friday August 12, 6pm
SFAI Lounge
$5 (to support Of Bodies of Elements)

Of Bodies of Elements
GALA Performance!
Friday August 19, 8pm
James A. Little Theater
$25 – $100*
Tickets available at Tickets Santa Fe at the Lensic
(505) 988-1243 or online at online

*VIP Tickets include an exclusive Gala Reception with the Dancers; food provided by El Farol.

Rulan Tangen, director and choreographer of DANCING EARTH, the Nation’s foremost Indigenous contemporary dance ensemble, created an epic eco-production with multi-disciplinary collaborators in January 2010 with support from Santa Fe Art Institute. In rehearsals this month for the final local showing of this work titled ” OF BODIES OF ELEMENTS” on August 19th, Tangen returns to SFAI to discuss how the DANCING EARTH creative process has evolved into exercises that metaphorically explore issues of the human relationship to the environment and other living beings, concepts of identity in motion, and embodiment of culture. Subsequently this exploratory work was furthered through Tangen’s leadership of a response to RACE AND ENVIRONMENT at Stanford University’s Institute of Diversity in the Arts, and in Canada at Trent University’s Indigenous Performance Initiative. Guests attending Tangen’s SFAI talk will have an opportunity to experience an exercise expressing an ‘interactive microcosm of diversity,’ and learn more about the international impact of SFAI’s commission of DANCING EARTH to re-visit the primary original purpose of Indigenous dance as a functional ritual for community building.

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About Rulan Tangen:
Rulan Tangen is an internationally renowned dance artist and choreographer living in Santa Fe New Mexico. She is the Founding Artistic Director and Choreographer DANCING EARTH , noted in Dance Magazine as “One of the Top 25 To Watch”, and winner of the National Dance Project Production and Touring Grant, as well as the National Museum of American Indian’s Expressive Arts award.

Her credits include ballet and modern dance companies in New York (Michael Mao Dance and Peridance), Vancouver (Karen Jamieson Dance), Santa Fe (Moving People, Dancing One Soul) and California (Marin Ballet), and appearances with the One Railroad Circus, as well as extensive yoga training and pow wow trail experiences as a Northern Plains traditional women’s dancer.

As a performer, she has been featured in lead roles with most of the major Native productions including Raoul Trujillo’s TRIBE, Santee Smith’s Kaha:wi, Daystar’s No Home but the Heart, and Minigooweziwin produced by the Aboriginal Arts Program at the Banff Centre, as well she was as an assistant to the directors of BONES: Aboriginal Dance Opera.

Her choreography has also been commissioned by various venues including the Heard Museum, Santa Fe Art Institute, Society for Dance Historians, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, Teatro Nunes in Brasil, Centro Cultural de Recoleto Argentino, Aqua Caliente Cultural Museum, the Native Roots and Rhythms Festival, the Santa Fe Dance Festival, Native Cinema Showcase at the Center for Contemporary Arts, Idyllwild Arts Program, Kaha:wi’s Living Rituals World Indigenous Dance Festival at York University, Toronto Harbourfront’s Roots Remix Festival, and the Earth in Motion’s International Aboriginal Choreographers Workshop in Toronto.

Tangen has been invited by Washington University as Visiting Distinguished Scholar, by Stanford University’s Institute for Diversity in the Arts, by Arizona State University, UC Riverside, and University of New Mexico, as well as extensive teaching work in Indigenous communities across the Americas.

About the SFAI:
Founded in 1985, the Santa Fe Art Institute’s mission is to promote art as a positive social force — both in our community and around the world — and to highlight art as a powerful tool for facilitating dialogue, bridging perspectives, and evoking visions of a better future.

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