Sylvia Arthur


Sylvia Arthur is a writer whose work explores themes of identity, diaspora, and place. After graduating with a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism from the University of Westminster, Sylvia worked as a runner for Sky News before becoming a reporter at News Africa magazine. She freelanced for The Guardian, the BBC, and the British Journalism Review and worked as a senior researcher/assistant producer for the BBC, ITV, and Sky. In 2010, she relocated from London to Brussels for a job with a communications agency, working as a consultant to the European Commission’s Directorate General for Employment. In this role, she travelled the continent extensively, meeting Europeans from all walks of life with compelling stories to tell and she began writing her first narrative nonfiction book, Fragile Continent: Two Lost Years in Europe. In 2013, she received an MA in Creative Non-Fiction Writing from City University, London.


I aim to document society’s multiple realities through the written word and, through the continual practice of this art, to produce well-crafted stories that unsettle the reader by challenging their assumptions and the dominant narrative. I strive to tell true stories of individuals and events that would otherwise be untold in a creative and artistically engaging way. It is my hope that the ultimate outcome of this approach is that the audience is both entertained and enlightened, stirred to think, feel and act in ways they would not have prior to encountering my work.


My time at SFAI was the most artistically engaging I’ve had. I got to meet, interact with and learn from artists from across the world who I’d never have had the opportunity to otherwise meet. The experience broadened and deepened my understanding of myself and the world. I also developed a new appreciation of landscape and environment as a result of being exposed to Santa Fe and New Mexico thanks to SFAI. The staff at SFAI are all 100% committed to the development of the artists-in-residence and go above and beyond to support their work. SFAI now feels like a home away from home.

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