Ssu-ya Hsiung

Ssu-ya Hsiung / Taipei, Taiwan


Ssu-ya Hsiung is a performance artist based in international wide. Working through installations and performance with multiple mediums and materials. As a performance artist, she found that performance was the best method of exploring her factual thoughts and feelings. Using performance to explore her feelings about her surroundings, also allows audiences to empathize more fully with a wide range of her feelings without struggling to guess the so-called “correct” interpretation.

Ssu-ya Hsiung was born and raised in Taiwan. She majored in Jewelry and Metalsmithing and received her MFA from Visual and Performance Art at Syracuse University in New York. After she mastered in metalsmithing, she shifted her interest to performance art and discovered the different concepts and meanings behind multiple mediums of art. Her works have been shown in several art institutions such as Rodchenko Art School in Moscow, Syracuse University in New York, and Gachang Art Institute in South Korea. She has also been selected to participate in the artist residency in South Korea and New Mexico.


Her interests lie in showing the escapism from the reality that she is unwilling to stay in. Through her practice, she aims to negate our personal responsibility and to avoid the discomfort of existential angst that we all must deal with. She runs away from unpleasant thoughts by creating her own fantasy with personal connection physically and emotionally.


I focused my time with an idea which is related to one series of my work at SFAI. This duration allowed me to practice my ideas and had the opportunity to present it to the public so I could observe and document how the audience react and feel about my work.




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