Siobhán K Cronin


Siobhán K Cronin is a data scientist and artist whose passion is uncovering patterns of form and movement in complex systems. She began her career working in neuroscience while moonlighting as a contemporary dancer, training at the Merce Cunningham Studio and dancing in the Danny McCusker Company. After working with luminary choreographer Deborah Hay, she began to explore to cultivate a visual art studio practice, and has since exhibited drawings and poems for musicians and geometric forms in San Francisco, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles.


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My 3-month residency at SFAI marked a turning point in my art career. I had never before dedicated so much time to sitting with my work. Watching it unfold each day as the high desert sun dripped down my studio’s walls. From my dialogues with resident sculptors, I learned to see the clay of my material body and the forms in carves in space and time. From the poets and playwrights, I learned how to examine the structure of my composition. We danced. We mediated. We dreamed. SFAI is an institution that plants the seeds of new and vital culture.

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