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Simona Prives was born in New York City but spent most of her childhood in Israel. Her artwork has been exhibited in New York, Chicago, Miami, California, Italy, Greece, Japan and China. She has been awarded residencies in Venice and Luca, Italy, Berkeley, California, Vermont, New York City and Greece. Simona is currently living and working in Brooklyn, New York. She divides her time between her studio in Gowanus and teaching art and design classes at Parsons School of Design, New York University and CUNY.


I create collages, both still and moving, that focus on the process of decomposition and reconstruction. Picking apart existing structures, I aim to build elaborate schemes that project a narrative of growth and decay and that examine our complex relationship between the organic and the man-made. To make each collage, I draw, disassemble and reconfigure maps, geological patterns and industrial imagery to breed new worlds that are at once familiar and abstract. Every artwork combines multiple forms of printmaking, using fragments of screen-prints, monotype and found material to assemble the composition.

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My Water Rights residency at SFAI was an incredible and fruitful experience. The community of artists and staff was an invigorating atmosphere to work amongst. The research and elements I produced on site regarding Water Rights have been transported to New York and are in the process of being transformed into a new body of work that focuses specifically on this subject matter. I hope to engage an east coast community with these specific issues, which are foreign to many of us.

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Simona Prives

Simona Prives

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