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Hi, Gal Sal here, a salty Oregon Coasty who grew up in a town with a 100 people, making art in the family bar. I’d sit outside in the rain selling stinky clamshell earrings to the few tourists.

My family owned the Sea Hag. Like most bars in small towns, it was the local community center. Everyone came to hear the stories of the town. Gossip yes, although always working together to help each other. We all were interconnected. Art kept me busy while mom worked. The real creative work was interaction with people.


“Connecting US20” is a FREE traveling art event in libraries that increases awareness of local commonalities and differences across the country. The libraries will be the catalyst for linking local writers and art across America’s longest highway. Connecting US20 will begin May 1st in Boston, traveling 3,365 miles through 12 states, ending May 31st in my hometown Newport, Oregon on the Pacific Coast.

We want to highlight the importance and the value libraries offer their communities. Colorful cheesecloth and Art will converge, highlighting local authors.
This project is about linking people together through Art. Participants will connect multi-colored safety pins, to be share with the next town. During Brexit wearing safety pins showed Solidarity amongst all of us.

This project is in honor of my quirky mom who passed last year. I want to share her colorful zest for life, her community service, and her generosity across the country.


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I spent three month at SFAI in 2013 and two months in 2014. There are so many extra benefits, including free events, museum tickets, book readings, field trips, collaboration with IAIA. Although the true gift of SFAI is how they bring artists together whose work is different, authentic and all are open to change. Collaboration happens naturally. I feel so “me” when I am with my art tribe.

I was there during the first themed (Food Justice) Residency although I was not in that program. SFAI had its first 120 event, bringing artists and the “movers and the shakers” of the community to present together. The group dynamic leads to brainstorming about different ways to think of change with the current issues. I was encouraged by art in action. My work changed from commodity driven to a social focus. This influenced my project “Connecting US20”. SFAI changed my life.


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Oregon Local News - Uniting the U.S. (and US 20) with art

Oregon Local News – Uniting the U.S. (and US 20) with art Strom is creating a mobile, interactive art project that will touch hundreds from sea to shining sea, Local Features, King City local Features, Breaking Features alerts for King City city.

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