Robert Lundberg


Rob makes music, takes photos, builds things, thinks about and drinks water. He has performed a wide range of music—from orchestral music to art rock to free improvisation—throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. His photography is currently focused on infrastructure, its interaction with surrounding environments, and the cultural and legal relationships encapsulated. He earned his BFA from The New School in Jazz Performance and is now pursuing a JD and MS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Law and Environmental Studies. Currently, he is a fellow of the Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies and a graduate associate of the Center for Culture, History, and Environment.


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This SFAI residency benefited my work greatly, energizing my creative practice. I achieved a good balance of solitary studio and field research with collaborative endeavors with other residents as well as other artists in Santa Fe. I got to know several water infrastructure sites well—particularly the Acequia Madre de Tesuque—through regular visits, readings and research, and photographic/video documentation. Multiple ongoing solo and collaborative projects emerged from my time at SFAI.

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