Nataliya Petkova


Nataliya Petkova is a multidisciplinary artist working with electronics, sound art, performance, code, and images. She holds a Bachelor degree in Visual arts from École Supérieure d’art de Marseille (France), as well as a Master degree in New Media from Laval University  (Quebec, Canada). Since 2008, her work was displayed with the framework of solo and collective exhibitions, festivals, conferences and residencies in Canada, USA, Europe, and Africa. In 2013, she received the Videre award for her exhibition Pata…graphies at Galerie des Arts Visuels (Quebec, Canada). Nataliya Petkova lives and works in Montreal (Canada). Currently, she  is studying Engineering.


Nataliya Petkova articulates her research around two main axes: first, the begetting and the study of micro territories, as well as the questioning of the notion of cultural identity, and the promotion of a dynamic infraculture; and finaly, the process of translation – the transfer of sens from one medium to another, from one language to another -, and all the anomalies that spawn during the process. Her work aims to be a narrative on heterogeneity of knowledge that emerges on the crossing point between the perceptive experience of the individual, and the aleratory compositions begotten throughout the exploratory act. Organized around curiosity and experimentation, her process of research and creation stands as the necessity to trace and invent new territories, subvert the perceptive habit and imagine possible encounters between organic and non organic matters. Within the use of divers medium, following a process of transformation, modular georgraphies and identities appear.

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SFAI was an inspiring space to be in. It allowed us to work with new ideas and approaches to our practice, which led to new projects and forms.

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