m.o.i. aka The Minister of Information


As much civil servant as artist, Don Wilkison’s work is informed by his scientist’s background. As m.o.i. aka The Minister of Information, he works in a variety of approaches and media, including collaborative public installations and interventions, experimental film, photography, print making, and sculpture. His work uncovers how human actions intersect with the world and the sins of middle-class America; he seeks to drive questions to the forefront. Why do we see ourselves outside of nature? Why do we permit endless corporate marketing, economic disparity, injustice, and intolerance? His work is created with multiple entry and exit points using methods that resist entrenched institutional and cultural indifference so that universal, contemporary issues can be probed, deconstructed, and reimagined in a more positive light.


m.o.i. civic engagements lie at the intersection of middle-class economics, progressive politics, and environmental science. As much public servant as artist, m.o.i. pushes against entrenched institutional and cultural indifference with a practice crossing many platforms and engages with any number of techniques: performance, printmaking, photography, experimental film, and sculpture.

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The SFAI water rights residency allowed me to develop a body of work driven by new lines of research inquiry that began while in New Mexico. Two principal themes emerged. Epic depictions Southwest broad vistas were deconstructed through the creation of ‘alt-landscapes’. This work focused on the Middle Rio Grande Basin, bounded on the south by Albuquerque and extending north into Mora County. Additionally, we founded a series of silkscreen prints that explore data visualization of climate changes, trends in streamflow and snowmelt, and water consumption in New Mexico and the Southwest. SFAI also allowed me to focus deeply on my practice as well as to challenge assumptions within it. This residency allowed me to interact and learn from many others engaged in deep reflection about broad aspect of water rights. Relationships developed at SFAI are expected to provide future, fruitful collaborations.

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