Matt Sheridan


Matt Sheridan’s abstract “painting-in-motion” video installations and paintings address contemporary power relations between handmade physical reality and the click + drag mentality by exploring implications of movement between forms in spaces. Working in a mode of constructivist expressionism, his output visualizes states of mind, deriving meaning from actions through architecture, across canvas and into sculptures and monitor works.  Sheridan has taught at the School of Visual Arts, Pratt Institute and NYU in New York and Singapore.  Over the past two decades Sheridan has won numerous awards, grants and fellowships, participated in multiple artist residencies and exhibited across five continents including two Olympic Games.  Sheridan’s videos and paintings are in private collections in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Brisbane, Australia.  He lives and works in Los Angeles, California.


My video-based action painting generates figures of architectural abstraction exploring implications of movement between forms. By orchestrating defined marks into optical, organic and mechanical moves using handmade and digital techniques, I animate worlds of constructivist expressionism where the meaning of my work comes from its actions.

Each painting I make compresses the time of its video counterpart into object; likewise, each of my “painting-in-motion” videos unpacks its painting analog into experience, taking form in large-scale architectural projections, monitor works and video sculptures. I’m fascinated by confrontational behaviors between edges, so my formal entry points for conceptual collision include: raw materialities of gestural paint strokes, ideas contained by drawn stencils and optical color vibrations found in adjacent, oppositional textures.

Ultimately individually described by sharp, double-entendre titles, my architectural video installations and paintings address contemporary power relations between handmade physical reality and the click + drag mentality.


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My August 2013 residency at SFAI came during a crossroads in my practice — I was wrapping up some projects and collaborating with others on theirs while practicing installations on campus. SFAI gave me the time to finish two video projects — animation for a street dance short (which I later used in a larger installation in 2014) AND a documentary short about a previous residency, all projects undertaken in Brazil. I edited and animated 15 minutes of video footage at SFAI, participated in an open studio and Pecha Kulcha night while meeting, talking and dining with great artists from very different places. My time at SFAI was well spent at a beautiful place and strong program designed for working artists.

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