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Marylyn Waltzer is a botanical illustrator, she is a nationally recognized artist who paints and teaches. Her work can be seen throughout the year at many art exhibitions and also hangs in private collections. Drawing and painting has always been a part of Marylyn’s life. She grew up in New York City and graduated from Art and Design High School, Fashion Institute of technology and the New York Botanical Gardens certificate program for botanical art and illustration. Marylyn lived in New York State while raising her children. There she developed a passion for gardening and love of nature. She has combined horticulture and botanical art to enrich her life.
Marylyn moved to Pennsylvania in 2004 and had devoted herself to painting and teaching botanical art. She is a member of the faculty of the Arboretum School of The Barnes Foundation. Past President of the Philadelphia Society of Botanical Illustrators, a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists and a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators.


When I am painting a living plant, I am completely at peace.  Time stops and I am in a private world, surrounded by light, color, pattern, texture, like the organization of sound in time, this is the rhythm of my life.  I strive to make a plant portrait in such a way that it reveals the character and uniqueness of the subject.  By focusing my paintings on the small details in nature, I hope to inspire others to look a little closer and pause a bit longer.  I want to show, through my art, the fragile, fleeting beauty of the natural world that surrounds us.


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Sharing time and space with other artists was so very inspiring and being in Santa Fe was magical.  It prepared me to take on the study and final watercolor painting of the life cycle of the Sacred Datura/Jimsonweed.  The painting was shown at the Philadelphia Flower Show this past March.  I also worked with a botanist from UNM, having painted the Santa Fe Cholla, which is rare and endangered.  It was also shown at the Philadelphia Flower Show the year before.  Being at the SFAI opened up a whole new area of the country for me to study endangered plants and for me to continue my work before these plants disappear.

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