Mark S. Burrows


Poet, translator, scholar of medieval cultures and literatures, with special focus on mystical texts and traditions. Since 2013, faculty member at the University of Applied Sciences in Bochum, Germany. My recent publications include two volumes of German poetry in translation, Rainer Maria Rilke’s Prayers of a Young Poet (rev’d pb. 2016) and SAID’s 99 psalms (2013), and two edited volumes of essays on poetics, Breaking the Silence (Peter Lang, 2015) and Poetic Revelations (Routledge, 2016). A new collection of poems,  THE CHANCE OF HOME, is due out in early 2017.


As a writer, I seek moments of vision in the unexpected, the ordinary, the dark, the difficult. Vision happens when one is freed of expectations, and creativity is  as close as breathing and as startling as a sudden glimpse of a mountain after a long rain when the clouds suddenly lift and the vista gathers itself as if an undeserved gift to the patient.


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