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Kolbrún Inga Söring started out at Ljósmyndaskólinn í Reykjavík(School of photography in Reykjavik), where she graduated in 2012. She went on to study Fine Art at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, where during her education she participated in various projects and exhibition; along with her collective ‘The passing through’ she developed a writing platform, and as a result they were awarded the HKU excellency grant in Late 2015, She was then invited to partecipate in the ‘Paradox city project’ residency and conference in Poznan, Poland. She had group shows in Berlin(GE), Pontevedra(ES), Amsterdam(NL) and Utrecht(NL) and worked with the collective ‘Expodium’ on their project ‘Unmaking the Netherlands’. Söring graduated in 2016 with a BA in Fine art, where she was nominated for the Jan Zumbrink prijs, HKU Award and was awarded a grant by the Stokroos foundation. She has since been an artist in residence, at PAS in Sardegna, Takt kunstprojeqtraum in Berlin and recently completed her residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute. Her upcoming projects involve an exhibition at Listastofan, Iceland with her collaborative duo ‘The Fourth Culture – A Micro Nation’ and in September she will become a resident at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel Residency in Shanghai.


As a visual artist I choose to not follow a medium, but rather a concept which drives all possible mediums. My chosen concepts all fall under a self created ideology which i’ve named ‘the unconventional sublime’. A sublimity unheard of perhaps, a personal experience, not in connection to the magnificent size of an ocean view or a bursting volcano, but rather a ‘something’ so subtle and personal that can amaze. The ‘unconventional sublime’ is found in the details of who we are, what we are and what we experience. It becomes me, my body a landscape, the landscape of my layers – my mind a highway, extending with each vehicular addition, my thought the ocean, where all I can grasp is the surface layer. It is in fact A change of perspective towards oneself. Towards the world. It becomes an expression of how I choose to translate the world. I become a choreographer as the public embodies a part of my world, stepping into my mind as they enter my installation. Suddenly they share a different reality of form. Their physical bodies and mental state follow through, creating a necessity for a dialogue, a condition which can be experienced as an enhancement of a body-mind continuum. The public is physically intrusive to my space, while simultaneously my space is intrusive to their mind.

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My time at the SFAI was such an amazing experience, to be part of a mixture of creatives, writers and anthropologists was a huge learning experience, both in terms of water rights, my creative practice as for other creative practices. The staff was incredibly helpful and great. I couldn’t have wished for a better time. The space at the SFAI really gave me the possibility to isolate myself if I chose to, and to stretch my arms into the community as well. I leave now with friendship and connections that will last forever, Thank you to everyone who crossed my path.

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