Jacqueline C.J. Barnes


Jacqueline C.J. Barnes is an interdisciplinary artist who works with her own genre of black fantasy to tell diverse and inclusive stories. PhantaNoir is the genre she developed to exemplify blackness in fantasy and to explore the past of black cultures and societies. Animations and Graphic novels are her mediums of choice due to the ease of circulation inherent in both art forms and access to fantasy and the heavily policed realms of cartoons and comics is her objective. Jacqueline wants to make sure the next generation has more access to the fantastic and that black children have space to imagine both new worlds and old ones.


“The path to re-enchantment lies in recovering wisdom, wisdom made most readily accessible to us in story. Stories, particularly in the form of folktales, myths, and legends, convey to us the collected wisdom of the human race.” -Albert Raboteau

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I’d like to think where I brought the above and beyond, SFAI brought the ground for me to walk on when I got too tired to fly. The time here was invaluable and the connections made even more so.

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