Ingrid Duch


Graduate of the Fynske Kunstakademi, Odense 1982
Alexandria Atelier, Alexandria, Egypt, member from 1989

The Egyptian National Stipend, Alexandria and Cairo, 1989 and 1991
Study grant in Istanbul, Turkey, 1990
Grant, study in Berlin, Germany, 2007
Grant, travel/tudy in Seattle, Washington USA 2007
Grant,travel study Barcelona, Spain 2009
Study/work grant Santa Fe art Institute, New Mexico, USA 2012.
Represented by Gallery Ida Hjalmsrud In Scandinavia

Selected exhibitions
Danish Graphic Artist Cairo Ateliuer. Egypt 1989
”Sierpinski’s Triangel” Installation/performance Odense, DK 1991
“Alexandria Atelier” Alexandria, Egypt 1992
“Sierpinsk’s Triangel II” Copenhagen 1992
”Migration” traveling exhibition USA 2007
”Laughing Bear” Graphics, traveling exhibition USA 2009
Exhibition, National Print Gallery Dublin, Ireland 2009
Guest exhibitor, Ameland Art Festival Netherlands 2011
Exhibition Gallery Claus C Copenhagen, DK 2012
Atelier production and sales: graphic production based on ”Dancing Earth group Santa Fe 2012” Odense DK 2015
Mural, Odense City Odense DK 2016


During human time the figure and symbols have been magical, carrying strength. I want to continue my art has evolved through my personal experiences, great literature, and, especially, through my travels. I am fascinated by legends and art that have spoken loudly to us through the centuries. Humankind has not changed in such a degree where we no longer have a need for stories. I use my life as an artist in this way – in the present. In this pursuit I try to form my artistic language in a present context, as a modern artist with modern techniques, with connections to the past – and the future.
Ever since I became a practicing artist, other cultures – in the Middle East and North America. My travels have been driven by this fascination with the similarities and apparent differences in viewing, contemplating and describing the human condition – in different ages and different cultures.


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At my residency at SFAI, I experienced a welcoming and creative atmosphere.
For me it always takes some time to settle and start working, and in this period I got tremendous support from SFAI and also the other artist working there at the time.
It was my great luck that the dance group “Dancing Earth” was there at the time. Here I found the inspiration for my work, lagde monotype, that I have continued to develop and exhibit after returning home. I am very grateful I got the chance to stay there and have the hope one day to return.


Additional Work

Ingrid Duch | Painter

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