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David DuBose is a visual artist making original prints and mixed media works on paper. He received his BFA in Studio Art from Texas Tech University in 1986 and his MFA in Studio Art from Louisiana State University in 1990. He has had artist residencies in Ireland, Canada, Germany and the United States. He lived in Northern Ireland for thirteen years, where he taught printmaking at the University of Ulster in Belfast and was a visiting artist at a number of schools and colleges throughout Ireland. He was the Director at Seacourt Print Workshop for seven years until returning to the United States in 2005. He is currently Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. His works belong to numerous public and private collections, including the Artist-Printmaker Research Collection, the AIB Collection of Modern Irish Art and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.


The creative process has become a means by which to examine my experience, heritage and identity. Personal, family and political histories inform my art, and I often juxtapose photographic or illustrative elements with hand-drawn components. As a printmaker, I became accustomed to constructing images with independent layers of transparent color. I have now largely rejected the notion that these layers must be visually aligned or rationally connected, often isolating components to extend the associative properties for each and create possibilities for larger, sometimes subtler, narratives. The reconciliation of disconnected elements and layers provides a vehicle for social, cultural and political self-examination.


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I came to SFAI on an Emergency Relief Residency as a refugee from New Orleans during hurricane Katrina in 2005. I had only been back in the US for about four weeks, after living in Ireland for 13 years. Returning to the States had proven to be a bigger adventure than I’d counted on. I cannot overstate the impact of my residency at SFAI during such a tumultuous, devastating and uncertain time in my life. It provided refuge in so many ways, allowing a space in which I could focus on creative endeavors and positive forces. The staff were wonderful and supportive. It’s an experience I’ll always remember and for which I’ll always be grateful.


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