Barbara Rink


Barbara Rink (Amsterdam, 1978)  holds a BA from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, has also studied at the College of Art of Amsterdam and Norwich School of Art & Design. Recent solo and group shows have been at BRADWOLFF PROJECTS and Soledad Senlle Art Foundation. Residencies include Santa Fe Art Institute and Vermont Studio Center.


Barbara Rink makes installations, drawings and paintings. Her installations let the moment of transformation, where two dimensions become three, come together through color, material and form. She transforms the physical space into a place of abstraction and imagination with an emotional urgency at its core. Through working with simple and straightforward materials like paper, wood, paint, topics like mysticism, the laws of physics and man-nature relations become apparent. Rink researches what painting can be nowadays, outside of the four sides of the canvas.


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My stay at SFAI (Sept/Oct 2014) has been very productive and career-changing. The residency opportunity came at a time when I was on the brink of choosing a radically different way of approaching my work: going from flat surfaces to making three dimensional installations. The  residency gave me time to explore this new territory and experiment and play. I felt very much supported by the staff and the other residents. Through group discussions and talks with invited curators I got encouraged to go boldly in this new direction. The specific geographic location of Santa Fe I found very interesting and informative for my work. The organised tour through Northern New Mexico was, besides a lot of fun, contributing to new ideas.


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