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My intention is to create abstract paintings that indulge in materials and focus on the expressive process itself. Balanced with details of organic imagery, evocative symbols and text, to address overall subjective translation and perception while addressing impediments of memory association. I’ve worked to develop a process combining various materials, chance, control and analysis. Part of my focus is the balance of media and absorption rate so that the various materials interact, binding or refracting from each  other or the canvas itself. Each work begins with action painting, with focus around gestures and washes, balancing chance and consciousness. The second stage of control defines the abstracted imagery pulling out elements, while balancing the raw with saturated. The mixed media can alter the pieces beyond repair or become the focus of the piece itself. The process is concluded in the analysis stage where the preponderance of symbols are defined through detailed drawings and brush strokes, insertion of dialog and deciphering of imagery. These paintings are an active engagement with the viewers sense of process, their perception of media and ground, as well as layers of allegory and abstraction. They seek to balance the subjective with the concrete, the abstracted with the detailed and the sign with the signified.


The artist is the confidant of nature; flowers carry on dialogues with him through the graceful bending of their stems and the harmoniously tinted nuances of their blossoms. Every flower has a cordial word which nature directs toward him. (Auguste Rodin)

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My time at SFAI is when I came to the crucial moment of my career that I could confidently say- ” I am an artist. I have to create. I have images to put out there. I have something to say.” SFAI gave me the time, the space, the community and the spirit which in turn fostered the creativity. I didn’t sleep. I had to paint in that amazing space with every minute that was given to me. The land is spiritual and SFAI is a true gift.

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Artists — Roberta Moore Contemporary

Artists — Roberta Moore Contemporary


ANTOINETTE WYSOCKI – Artists – BLANK SPACE, New York Wysocki’s romanticized paintings feature the artist’s continuous engagement with the organic process that encourages dynamic interchange between various media like acrylic, ink, charcoal, pencil, gauche and watercolor. This spontaneous interaction and refraction on the…

The Cat Street Gallery | Antoinette Wysocki

The Cat Street Gallery | Antoinette Wysocki
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