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Adele Balderston is a place-based storyteller from O’ahu working in new media, psychogeography, and social practice art. She holds an MA in Geography from Hunter College (CUNY) and a BA in New Media Communication Studies from New York University. She is the founder of 88 Block Walks—an ongoing series of unconventional walking tours of Kaka’ako, a Honolulu neighborhood currently undergoing large-scale redevelopment. Working at the intersection of geography, art, and activism, Adele promotes awareness of socio-spatial inequality and advocates for community agency through personal narratives, mapping, and interaction with urban environments. In 2018 she was awarded an artist residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute. The previous year, she received a grant from the Hawai‘i Council for the Humanities to produce the fifth walking tour in the 88 Block Walks series—a multimedia living history experience featuring actors and projections entitled “The Living Archive”. Adele is also cofounder of the Brooklyn-based artist collective, B&AB Projects, which from 2010-2012 produced pop-up exhibitions in unconventional spaces including garages, rooftops and inside a refrigerator. She has served as assistant director of Conflux, New York City’s annual festival for contemporary psychogeography. As a producer for Soundwalk, she worked with a team of sound designers to create audio walking tours of neighborhoods all over the world.

She currently manages digital engagement projects at the Honolulu Museum of Art.

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At SFAI I found the freedom to explore new ideas and experiment with new processes I would never have discovered without the resources, support, and community offered by this special place. I look forward to future collaborations with some of my fellow Equal Justice Residents!

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