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“A Couple of Artists” (ACOA) is a collaboration between the artists Adi Shniderman and Merav Ezer. ACOA produces art projects ranging in mediums from video art and photography based works to installations. ACOA responds playfully to their immediate environment, experimentation and improvisation drives their creative process. performative aspect, humor and the absurd are major components in their work.

ACOA studio also functions as a lab and forum for experimentation. By working collaboratively with an interdisciplinary approach, ACOA wishes to expand the boundaries of contemporary art, offering an innovative dialogue for art practices. Participation in conceptual dinners, art critique, artists’ salons, and art fairs are some of the platforms through which we aim to promote candid conversation and expand our studio practice.


“A Couple of Artists” (ACOA) is a collaboration between Adi Shniderman and Merav Ezer. Through a focus on video performance, ACOA explores the ways in which couples interact, compete and play. By documenting encoded actions, emerging challenges, and social dynamics, the result of the work ranges from mundane action to the profoundly absurd, exposing social and psychological imbalances in the process.

Both humor and performance play prominent roles in ACOA projects. From chronicling a couple’s lunch together to documenting a martial arts fight and sacred voyeuristic rituals, ACOA attempts to portray and reflect upon human identities and social roles.

ACOA aims to discern a better understanding of human experience, through the process and production of its various projects. It is through conversation and non-stop dialogue by which we highlight the essential elements that create a bond between two individuals, or a group of people.


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Considering emigration we decided to focus on the way an immigrant’s personal experience is changed by the transition from home country to a new county, and the way this experience is molded by anonymous hands and public opinion.

The video you will see is an excerpt from a longer piece that we worked on here in SFAI over the last couple of weeks. Home Court Advantage is a term in sport, describing the benefit that the home team is said to gain over the visiting team. In this dual channel video the players are trying to score, having the ball bounce back at them hitting an invisible barrier, the barrier stands for all of the sometimes invisible forces that shape the immigrant experience, law, language, culture, geography etc.

The works we created during the residency are like a positive and negative of that experience, on the one hand personal emigration stories are being erased by an “invisible” person, where the gesture itself erases the experience from record. On the other hand these same stories are broken down and re edited as a new story from about fifty individual stories found online. These stories are all around us, and possibly share the same ideas, wishes and dreams as the rest of us.

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