SFAI140 Private Reception: March 24, 530-645PM


Please join us for a private wine and cheese reception and open studios with the work of our resident artists, and stay for our public SFAI140 program!

SFAI140 is an evening unlike any other. With 20 inspiring talks & performances of 140 seconds each, the energy is electric. Come make connections, witness incredible work, and leave inspired. You don’t want to miss this fantastic evening.

While the format for SFAI 140 may seem quick, one hundred and forty seconds can actually be a profound amount of time. The Arab Spring came about as a result of people expressing their passions and frustrations in 140 characters, and President Lincoln spoke his 272-word Gettysburg Address in a little under 140 seconds. As SFAI 140 reveals, time doesn’t limit seminal ideas and their impact.

Thank you for your support to the Santa Fe Art Institute!


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