SFAI & DeVargas Middle School Poetry Slam 2015

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SFAI & DeVargas Middle School Poetry Slam, 2015 

May 12, 5:30PM at Jean Cocteau Cinema, 418 Montezuma Ave.

SFAI, DeVargas Middle School, and Jean Cocteau Cinema are proud to present their 2015 Middle School Poetry Slam. Taking place Tuesday May 12th, DeVargas 7th grade students will gather together to read a selection of original poems created through SFAI’s public school arts and engagement initiative, now in its 15th year. Join us for this exciting evening of self expression and creativity.

SFAI’s work at DeVargas Middle School is part of our commitment to provide youth with creative opportunities for self expression and self empowerment. SFAI facilitates two six-week programs per year inside Mr. Chris Slakey’s 7th grade English Language Arts classroom, teaching one unit on graphic novels and one unit on performance poetry. Taught by local teaching artists, this program aims to promote literacy, encourage class attendance, and provide public school teachers with a unique educational resource. The program provides Santa Fe’s youth with a platform to share their stories in a context beyond the classroom.

Students participating in the Poetry Slam have spent the past several weeks learning about different forms of poetry and a variety of performance techniques. They have written poems on a wide range of subjects from homelessness, to immigration and deportation, to family, relationships, climate change, bullying, and police violence. The initiative encourages students to write about their own experiences and subjects that are relevant to them. SFAI believes that this creates not only an outlet for self-expression, but when shared with the public, it can shed light on how local youth are engaging with issues that have local, national, and international implications.

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